Marathon Classic Coffee Ltd.
             2 Hemlo Drive
             Marathon, Ontario



About Us

Marathon Classic Coffee Ltd. located in the Marathon Center Mall is a family owned and operated business. We took over this restaurant in 2008.

Since taking over the restaurant we have expanded the menu items, remodeled the restaurant with a new look, plus added to our staff the very best restaurant employees.

When you drop into Classic Coffee you will find locally familiar faces:


  • Chou, the owner / operator of Classic Coffee.
  • Pete co-owner who you may see from time to time, mainly eating up the profits - lol 
  • Brenda, one of our full time waitresses with many  years of experience in the restaurant industry.
  • Nadine, who has over 20 years of cooking and catering experience in the Marathon area.
  • Luc one of our full time cooks and Trina who is now a part time cook. 
  • Brandi and Chantalle, both our waitresses here
    at Classic Coffee.


We definitely have a winning team here and this is what sets us apart from other restaurants you may have visited.

I have often joked with customers that some may come to our restaurant not only for the good food, but also for the entertainment factor.  There is never a dull moment in our restaurant!

Chou the owner is an elephant fanatic, so while you are eating you can view the elephant figurines and picture collection that decorates our establishment.


To say our restaurant atmosphere is "different" is an understatement !

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